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Nateavia Premium tea sampler Gift Box

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2 Premium Japanese Organic Teas inside two classic Japanese Suzuko tea canisters 3.5” x 4” | Benifuuki Black Tea (50-gr) & Sencha Green Tea (50-gr)

This set is the BEST GIFT FOR TEA LOVERS - Each organic loose leaf tea selection is carefully selected for the flavor to ensure that our tea sampler is the perfect tea gift for any occasion. The two selected flavors found in our tea set ensure there's a flavor for both black and green tea lovers.

Our tea is 100% AUTHENTIC JAPANESE ORIGIN: Sourced directly from Japan (Both teas and canisters).
Nateavia is NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE & NO EXTRA ADDITIVES 100% Pure, gluten-free, and doesn’t contain any extra flavor, sweetener, or artificial additives. All are certified JAS & Canada Organic.

Both Sencha and Benifuuki are packaged in vacuum-sealed bags to preserve freshness. Each sealed bag is placed inside a classic Japanese-made Suzuko tea canister 3.5” x 4” with Unique shape and style and both packed in a beautiful gift box.

Sencha: Sencha tea is the most popular and widely-consumed green tea in Japan. It offers a well-balanced combination of aroma, umami, and bitterness. This calorie-free, healthy drink is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and catechin.

Benifuuki: This Benifuuki tea is a true Japanese-grown black tea — a rare treat outside Japan since black tea production in Japan is less than 1% of its whole tea production

As you know, 99% of raw Japanese tea leaves are made into green tea. Benifuuki is a very special Japanese tea plant cultivar that was developed in 1965 via hybridization between Camelia Assamic and Sinensis. It has a high level of a specific type of catechin called methylated catechin. The leaf has a black and rough appearance and is processed evenly.

Benifuuki infusion has a golden red color and the resulting liquor is light and smooth. Either hot or iced, this Benifuuki black tea is a true delight.